Spring 2015
Basics Spring Teams; 5th Year
March Try Outs. No Travel. Top level training and competition
Emily vs Mich Elite
3 Weekly Dates in Grand Rapids
Skills, Scrimmaging and Conditioning
MS Boys
Mid School Boys Skills/Scrim-70 Basics grads @ college level. UN-LEAGUE

We Build Competitive Habits -

Kobe tells the truth, the ugy truth.  Why so many kids CAN'T play.  ESPN article

Lebron concurs.  Hey parents-figure it out.  Skills dominate this game 

Stan Van Gundy NAILS the same Topic; 2:49 second video 

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"Colleges are looking for hardworking, high-character, team oriented, mentally tough, coachable and unselfish players. Basketball Basics fosters these traits in all its' instruction.

Our profiles are based on having worked with and seen these players compete.   These are 1st hand evaluations from a creditable source.  Web link


Other Instruction:

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Volleyball with Coach Peistrup-Matthews

One on One Instruction

7th/8th Grade Girls: December-January Series

6th/7th/8th Boys Winter League: 12/15 discount

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Christmas Clinics

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An excellent example why this instruction is so strong can be seen in this fundamental photo of a simple play involving Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant.  Despite the simplicity of the photo, several critical skills are being executed, skills that we are very good at building in young players.

Rohrer Twins2014 Rohrers @ Calvin